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. up next, walter issacson who wrote about steve jobs and ben franklin. he's standing by in studio 57. we're talking at the man who met the man in black we're tal cold & flu season is back so before the first sneeze help protect with a spray before the first tissue help defend with a wipe. and help prevent with lysol to get 10x more protection with each hand wash and kill 99.9% of germs around the house. this season, go beyond cleaning to help protect your family with lysol. start healthing. >>> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour author and long-time journalist walter isaacson is in our toyota green room. there he is. nick's still here. he must like it here squoo last night's election. is it a sign america wants our politicians to move closer to the center? >>> plus it's been ten years since the world lost johnny cash. the journalist who knew him for three decades. he shares his career and battle against demons. that's ahead. >>> this morning we want to show you this morn's deadlines. a woman defeated her husband in a general election. jennife
the understand substitute. he wrote the best-selling biography of steve jobs and his su apple. welcome. >> great to see you. great to be with you. >> you spent decades. what do we read from these elections and how they may impact 2014? >> you know, there's a wonderful story about einstein. >> another subject of your biography. >> why not. he's watching in the early 1950s when america's going through mccarthyism and he writes his son and says i've seen this before. this country's going to go off of a cliff and then they write themselves. ize izeize hour eisenhower comes in. just when you think it's going to go off the a cliff it rights sits. this is what you're seeing now. >> terry mcauliffe said in his acceptance speech yesterday, remember when washington was broken? this is what happens when virginia bonds together and fixes itself. some thinks washington is still broken do. you? >> oh, yeah. they're badly broken and there's structural problems. there are a lot of things that make things bad. what's particularly different this time is back in this 1950s or even
the fanatical attention to detail that the late steve jobs was known for. >> steve had a great sense of caring that he knew what went into the inside of an iphone or an ipad and that kind of thing is part of the legend of the collaboration between you and steve. >> i think it's just part of a much broader picture. so i think at the highest level it's to try and make something great. the only way you can do that is to care to an extraordinary level. and i think many things then testify to that. whether it's how you finish the inside of something, how it's assembled right way through to how you try to communicate its value having to package it. but i think certainly one of the things we feel strongly about at apple is you know that commitment to care and to try to make the very best product that we can. >> it is that per suit of perfection simplicity beauty and function that drives these two in everything they do. >> you just have to try to design great things that stand the test of time. certainly the antithesis of accessibility. if you can design really trul
kind of holiday? >>> inside the takedown of a mobster. steve kroft with new details about a "60 minutes" report on the 16 year search for james whitey bulger. >> i did ask him, aren't you relieved that you don't have to look over your shoulder anymore and it's come to an end? and he said are you [ bleep ] nuts. >> pope francis goes public with what may be the bones of the original pope. a mystery surrounding st. peter going back to 64 a.d.. >> plus the airline security measure that leads to costly decisions. >> i've literally seen people crying as their $300 or $400 bottle of alcohol is dumped in the disposal bin. >> the american company behind a high tech solution that could rewrite the rules. the new is back this morning. stay tune for your local news. >> this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. uh-huh. i know this hasn't always been easy for you. and i'm really happy that you're in my life too. ♪ it's just like yours, mom! [ jane ] behind every open heart is a story. tell yours with my open hearts collection at kay jewelers, the number one
. >> a scene from "12 years of slave." the scene tells of a true story. steve mcqueen directed the movie which is already considered an oscar favorite. good morning to you, mr. mcqueen. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm good. if you win, you would be the first black director and first picture. do you wrap your brain around that or does oscar make you very nervous? >> no i wrap my brain around it. to have that kind of attention and response is something that, you know you're in a kitchen, you have an idea and all of a sudden the world is looking at you and you're surrender sudly thinking, oh my god. >> i heard people describe the film as brutally brutal. do you think it's a fair characterization? >> i think once you tell a story about slavery, you have to tell a story about slavery. there's no cutting corners. it's necessary. it's a huge part of the story. >> the story of solomon is an incredible story. your wife introduced you to his memoir? >> yes. >> are you thanking her every day? >> i thank her every time absolutely. what it was, i had the idea of a free man, a bla
the differ between safe liquids and the ones that pose a real let.elal threat. >>> steve kroft went inside the nbi 16 year man hunt for whitey bulger. the srnlg he saidcertain ended in santa monica. >> they went by the aliases charlie and carol until the fbi got a tip. the agent set up a rose with their land lord and it ended one of the most embarrassing episodes in the bureau's history. >> reporter: he said he wouldn't knock on the door because there was a note posted stressly asking people not to bother them. carroll had told neighbors charlie was showing signs ofdy mention kra. so he devised a ruz involving the storage locker in the garage. >> had the name gasko. >> reporter: he had the manager call to tell them the locker had broken into and to come down to see if anything was missing. carol said her husband would be right down. >> guns out, fbi, don't move? >> gave the words, hey, fbi, get your hands up. hands went up right away. and then at that moment, we told him get down on his knees and he gave us -- yeah he gave us and i ain't getting down on my fing knees. d
was sitting down with steve jobs. he told me, listen, what you talk about is very important in health. have people focus on you, not what you wear. wear the same thing every time so they listen to the message. black and white pure vays the seriousness of health care. >> i never sat down -- >> how many black sweaters do you have? >> i have a bunch of them. >> that's what i thought. >> i'm going to buy you a red one just for grins. i think you'd look good. >> thank you, gayle. >> it wouldn't detract at all. >> no. >> good to see you. >> thank you, guys. >> aren't you glad we brought it snup. >> yes. you're making me blush. >> are you ever going to come back? >> dr. david agus. only on "cbs this morning," the last seek red of media typhoon william randolph hurst. go inside his sprawling private ranch never seen by the public until now right here on this show, "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs morning rounds sponsored by nick determine cq. derm cq.rm ten steps and you're free. the urge to smoke all day long. t help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] build
where people took a breath, that they cried, that they heard from people like steve davis whose death of his sister deborah was not even proven. that they hadn't no finding that he had done it. nevertheless you heard steve davis had to be propped up by his wife as he told whitey bulger that he hoped he, too, died like his sister, gasping for breath. >> the question has always been when will he take the stand. he didn't. the question is when will he appear at sentencing. he didn't. to make a statement. will whitey bulger ever speak out on this in any way. >> i think much to my dismay, charlie, as you know and to the dismay of others, i think that whitey bulger will not speak out. and one of the people we heard from yesterday was the son of roger wheeler who was legitimate businessman out of tulsa, oklahoma. and when his son got up to speak, as he held a picture, held it up of his father, and wanted to hear so much from whitey bulger because mr. wheeler told the fbi and the didn't of justice just as reresponsible for his father's death. whitey bulger refused to even look at these victim
. the center of the disaster is tacloban. a steve 220,000 people nearly flattened by the typhoon. and seth doane is in tacloban. >> reporter: at the heavily damaged edd tacloban airport thousands wait in the rain. as the c-130 cargo plane arrived on the tarmac. desperate survivors rushed to get on board. only a few hundred were lucky enough to get out. >> there's nothing here. >> reporter: this is what they're trying tos ing toing to escape. a city used to this. tsunami-like storm surges u.s. brigadier general paul kennedy saw it. >> we saw other small communities devastated. i'm talking nothing left standing. >> reporter: chapels have been into makeshift morgues. and survivors are picking through what remains of their homes, many collecting their belongings in a couple of bags. others already trying to rebuild. following reports of looting, philippine soldiers were deployed to restore some order, as residents wait for help. manila has become a bit of a staging ground for food and supplies. planes leave with aid. and return with just some of the 600,000 displaced reside
yahoo's ceo, steve jobs' widow and mc hammer. >>> traffic and weather coming up after the break. stores good morning. it is slow now both directions of 80 through berkeley. there is a new crash. it's counter-commute eastbound 80, three cars, two lanes blocked. it's between ashby and university avenue. also for marin county commuters it's been a rough ride this morning. we had one earlier crash coming into mill valley. actually a couple of crashes in that area. one was bad. it is now cleared. a travel advisory for the area has been lifted. but look at this, we're still seeing really big backups this morning coming southbound on 101 from novato all the way into san rafael and then it finally clears up past corte madera. that is your "kcbs traffic" report. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> finally storms coming back to the bay area. we are seeing much-needed rain on the way and more to come outside, so if nothing has happened in your neighborhood just yet, just wait a little bit and likely going to see some rain coming your way. over co
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on thursday. along the way the president met with comedian steve martin and actor jim parsons of cbs "the big bang theory." they co-star in an upcoming movie called "home." >>> "the new york times" says the first book printed in north america sold at auction on wednesday. david rubenstein paid nearly $2.2 million for this "bay psalm" book. it dates back to 1640. rubenstein plans to lend it to libraries around the country. >>> a kind-hearted cop got a promotion. remember this story? a year ago new york police officer larry deprimo became famous after a tourist spotted him buying new boots for a barefoot homeless man on a cold night in times square. well, yesterday deprimo was bumped up to detective. >> that's fantastic. he said being a detective in the paper this morning was a dream come true. you go. you go, larry. >>> and "the washington post" looks at a new mobile app from the census bureau. dweller will help americans looking to move to their dream city. it compares the answers to census data, then it offers a list of 25 recommended locations. >>> with more than 3 million americans flying
this time. >> co-stars judi dench and steve kogan have made a video. so let's take a look at that. >> just when you thought i was dead. i have an important mission for you. are you familiar with mpaa? >> are you at war with the mpaa? >> i've enlisted them. that's all i can tell you with the blessing of barbara broccoli and the bond team "m" has returned from the dead to fight this battle and an agent and you'll see it. there'll be a premiere on "funnyordie." but you're the first to see it. >> we like to be the first. >> it's appearing on wednesday and "m" has risen from the dead. >> doesn't a part of you do the hula when it happens. you say, okay i'm going to come back. isn't there a part of you that's going do afternoon instagram going to do a hula? >> i'm going instagram you a hula. a jewish hula. >> chris said it's not a judgment value but an indication to a parent that it's no different than any other film. >> he's absolutely wrong just like they were on that title. protecting a -- look what happened. it became a giant hit. this movie opened in england last week with
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)